Monday, July 30, 2012

Is this how men really think?

Jeff and I had friends over for dinner a few days ago and I gained the most amazing hilarious insight into Jeff's mind (still not quite sure what to make of it).  I'll use pseudonyms for our guests, for reasons that will be abundantly clear very shortly. Primarily nudity and humiliation.  I'll call them Jim & Pam.

Shortly after their arrival, I noticed that Pam seemed distraught and I asked her what had her so flustered.  Here's what happened next:

Pam:  Oh. My. God.  I went home at lunch today to check on the utility work going on in my front yard, and I found my son on the couch with a girl.  Naked!  Worse than naked.....NEKKID!!!  Boobs flying and everything.
LAB:  Holy shit.
Pam:  I know!  I don't know if I was more pissed that they were going at it or that they were on the couch and not one of the four bedrooms in our house that have actual doors that lock.
LAB:  Holy crap.
Pam:  I know!  I didn't know whether to yell at him or ask him if he needed condoms!
LAB:  Holy crap!

We both looked over at Jeff to get his response.  Here's what he said:

Jeff:  What kind of utility work are they doing in your yard?
Pam:  What?
LAB: What?!?!
Jeff:  What?
LAB:  Jesus Christ, Jeff.  This is so going in my blog.

Seriously, people.  That's the part of the conversation that Jeff latched onto.  Naked teenagers are much less interesting to him that an AT&T guy on a backhoe.  I'm at a loss.  May be he was embarrassed by the whole conversation and just wanted to change the subject.  Or at least I hope so.

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