Friday, August 24, 2012

Just one more thing...

My theory on happiness is pretty simple.  As long as I have Jeff, 2 dogs and a convertible, I'm all set.  Jeff makes sure I have all three of these things, and we've been rolling along quite nicely for 15 years.

But lately I've had lust in my heart.  I've been feeling like I need one more thing.  Just one: A Birkin bag.  Oh dear God, how I want one.  Olive Green, perhaps.  May be ostrich.  I. Must. Have. It.

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I've been to the Hermes store in London.  I've seen them with my own eyes.  Hand crafted.  Lined in goat skin.  Free of logos, but universally recognized.  And coveted.  They've got their own Facebook page, for crap's sake!

Frankly, I figure if David Beckham lets his wife buy 100 of them, Jeff should at least cough up for one.  They're made to last a lifetime and they never go out of style.  Buying one makes perfect sense! To me.  C'mon people, I neeeeeeed this.  What's $10,000 or more in the scope of a lifetime?  A little bit of nothing!  Sure, I was raised better than to actually believe this, but I really want that damn bag.

I tried to find a cheaper substitute.  Michael Kors makes a nice Hermes style bag.  But it's not the same.  Not even close.  It's all or nothing for me, peeps.

Jeff's immediate response when I mentioned my dark desire was this: "You're not getting a purse that's worth more than your car.  Ever."  Which brings me back to my desire for a new car.

I've been working on the arguments to further my cause.  Try to stay with me on this.  Jeff uses the "Rich Dad" program to manage our finances.  Based on my understanding of this theory, an asset is anything that earns you money or appreciates in value.  Your car, for example, is not an asset - even if it's paid for.  Your house is an asset.  Rental properties are assets.  Diamonds?  Assets.  But I don't have lust in my heart for diamonds.

Do you know another item that appreciates in value?  That you can sell at any time for more than you paid for it?  That is so scarce that at one time there was a five year wait to purchase one? You got it: a Birkin Bag.  I rest my case.


  1. Unfortunately in this economy, a house doesn't necessarily appreciate in value. Case point: our Virginia house. Ugh. But it does support your theory on the bag.

    I am SOOOOOO with you on the Birkin. I covet one myself. I can't cough up $10G for a bag but I fantasize plenty. If there isn't such a thing as bag porn, there should be.

    1. Valid point! My Birkin would be a better investment than our house. I'm an economic genius! Jeff should thank me.