Friday, October 26, 2012

Gift Wrapping Makes Everything Better

Recently heard in my household:

Jeff:  Did you get a new purse in the mail today?
LAB:  Of course it's new.  Who would want a used purse?
Jeff:   That's not what I meant. Who's buying you purses?
LAB: I bought it for myself.  They didn't have one in the store, so the sales lady had one shipped to me.
Jeff:  But it's gift wrapped.
LAB: Gift wrapping was free.
Jeff:  You had a purse gift wrapped and shipped to yourself?
LAB:  I had a gift card enclosed, too.
Jeff:  Oh, Jesus.  Hand it to me.
LAB:  *hands over card*
Jeff:  *reading* "I hope you enjoy this as much as I think you will".  You wrote yourself a damn gift card?
LAB:  Also free.
Jeff:  What did the cashier in the store say when you told her what to put on the card?
LAB:  She said I was a genius with a great sense of humor.  Seems you're the only person who disagrees.

Wait till he sees what I put on the gift card for the boots being delivered next week.

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