Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Second Best Typo Ever

Jeff and I just got back from our vacation to Savannah (which I didn't mention previously because nothing screams "Free Flat Screen TVs - first customer only!" like announcing online that your home will be uninhabited for a few days).  While on a side trip to Tybee Island, we came across the second best typo ever. Don't get me wrong: "Persue Perfection" will always be the gold standard of typos.  No question.  But the #2 slot has officially be filled.

On the advice of Trip Adviser, we stopped for lunch at Gerald's Pig & Shrimp on Tybee.  On the back of the menu was a little blurb about the owner (the aforementioned Gerald), which noted that he was a former "Thesbian".  Spelled exactly that way.  I'm assuming that it meant that he was a former Thespian, but I'm open to the idea that he was a former actor who liked the ladies (Thespian + Lesbian = Thesbian).  You never know.

Whenever I come across such a misspelling, I like to hit up the Urban Dictionary website to see what awesome definition they found for the word.  And I wasn't disappointed:  Thesbian - A woman who isn't really a Lesbian but is just acting gay, either as a response to negative learned behavior towards men or not wanting to be alone due to unattractiveness.  Urban Dictionary, I think I love you.  Although I should note that the UD entry is grossly unfair to imply that Lesbians are unattractive.  Based on my (none of your business) experience, there are some smokin' hot daughters of Sappho out there.

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  1. Dammit I *knew* I should have been practicing my B & E moves.

    I so love Urban Dictionary.

    We have a horrendously tacky sign on our building. It's a super swanky place for parties and shit. It boasts that you use their facilities for your conferance needs. Welcome to Ga.