Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Year edition

Remember last year when I posted this picture of the bar at my house and the feedback I received trended toward "Are you & Jeff saving your money or are you hoping to get a group discount at rehab?"

 Behold:  One. Year. Later.

After I removed the lamp to make more room we still had several bottles that didn't fit, so I shoved all my favorite vodkas in the spare freezer for safekeeping (chilled coconut vodka = heaven!).

I was also going to also post a picture of our wine rack and inside of our beer fridge, but I was afraid we'd have too many uninvited guests this weekend.  You know I don't like to share!



  1. I truly appreciate your prepardedness.

    Variety is proof that you are no wher near rehab ready. You have several DOC's up there and no Listerine or Nyquill to use as fillers for the times you (clearly are never gonna) run out.

    Now...when are we getting together for cocktails?

  2. Impressed! Hey The liquor store in Suwanee is gonna be open and selling booze this SUNDAY! Otherwise I was going to stop by your house for a drink....Jeff G.

  3. @Jeff G.: I was just thinking earlier today that may be I can stop hoarding so much booze now that the "Theory of Sunday Scarcity" no longer applies (thank you Senate Bill 10!). But I'm going to continue to stay stocked until I'm sure the liquor stores are going to be open on Sundays (and not just grocery & convenience stores). I can't take a chance of insufficient intoxicants!

  4. When are you throwing a party?

  5. Your bar is AWESOME. You're my hero.

  6. The first thing I thought when I saw the first picture is: "that cute lamp has to go."