Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet Becky (she's not a squatter)

Now that our garage renovation is well underway, Jeff and I are gearing up to finally (finally!) get started on my new kitchen.  Can I get a W00T! W00T! up in here?!?!?!

Jeff asked me to make my wish list, which was extensive, and we got together last night to go over it. After reviewing my list (none of which was vetoed, thanks to Garage-Mahal currently under construction in our back yard) we had the following conversation:

LAB:  Do you think we should show the contractor The Cube when he comes to look at the kitchen?
Jeff:   What the hell is "The Cube"?
LAB:  You know, the big square in the middle of the house with the bathrooms and closets that we're renovating after the kitchen.
Jeff:   The Cube? 
LAB:  Because it's square.
Jeff:   You named it The Cube?
LAB:  I just said that.
Jeff:   You're a moron.  Who names sections of their house?
LAB:  Ummm.  Me?
Jeff:   It was a rhetorical question, you dope.
LAB:   What's wrong with The Cube? It's catchy and it makes sense.
Jeff:   If you're going to give it a dumb ass name, why don't you just call it Becky?
LAB:  Huh.  I didn't think of it.  But you're right.  Becky's a much better name.  Becky it is, then.
Jeff: Oh Sweet Jesus.

I know some of you guys were wondering what I was thinking when I let Jeff build this monstrosity behind our house:
 The left side is where the lift goes, so we'll be able to park 
6 cars  under cover on our property.   Because what 
2-person family doesn't need to be able to park 6 cars?

Side view.  I don't ask why.

What I was thinking when I let him build that monstrosity was: Hells Yeah!  I'm about to get a kick ass kitchen (...and bathrooms ...and closet).  It should all make sense to you now.


  1. you need to put up a hammock for your squatter.
    M Fu

    1. We're just hoping she doesn't move in before construction is finished!

  2. So *that's* why! Marital genius.

    1. I know! After 15 years, I finally know how to work the marital system.

  3. You should have a sit-com. The Rons could be guests, and we could be your straight-arrow neighbors.

    1. Pretty sure you're the Lucy to my Ethel (but in my heart, I get to be Lucy)!

  4. You might be a redneck....

    1. *Might* be a redneck could be the nicest thing anyone has said to me today! (As opposed to "Damn, Girl! You're just plain trash")!