Thursday, January 10, 2013

To all my girlfriends (single and otherwise)

Ladies, ladies, ladies.  I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, but here it is again:

If you have a problem with a man...and you attempt to solve that problem with the assistance of another end up with two problems.

So ends the lesson. You're welcome.

Speaking of bad decisions, I've been feeling the urge to do something stupid and reckless lately.  I don't have anything specific in mind (yet), but I'm feeling awfully domesticated these days.  And frankly, it sucks.

How domesticated, you ask?  The wildest thing I've done lately is apply a generous amount of curly hair product to my hair and then straighten it.  Somebody stop me!  Last night I turned on the TV instead of reading and Jeff said "Holy crap!  You're watching TV!  You're a wild woman."

I can't even remember the last time I was kicked out of a bar.  Oh, wait.  Yes I can.  But that was years ago.  And It's been months since Jeff and I have had to drive around on a Sunday morning looking for my abandoned car at a local watering hole (the best decision I ever made was to buy a house close enough to bars that I can walk home).

I'm feeling an awful lot like a grown up these days.  This, my friends, will not stand.

I may have to get a girl gang together and stir up some trouble.  Who's in?


  1. Is it pathetic to say that I am desperate to be a part of your pussy posse?

    If getting thrown out of a joint is on the list of required hazing rituals, I am all kinds of in.

  2. If I lived close by I would be all over this! -Emily

  3. Sweet! I stay up for days looking for a blog like this! Unfortunately I'm a full time student in midlife mediocrity, but I do remember the last time I got kicked out of a bar.....not really, but my other middle aged friends told me about it.