Friday, February 25, 2011

Ambitious Weekend Plans

Jeff headed out of town for the weekend, which leaves me with a glorious stretch of two days in which to do whatever I choose.

Things I should probably do:
  • Clean the house
  • Finish pulling out items from my closet to give to Goodwill or trash
  • Scoop Great Dane poop out of the front & back yards
  • Laundry
  • 5K on the treadmill or long walk outside at least one day
  • Continue looking for a local volunteer opportunity (since the USO rejected me.  Bastards!)
  • Pick up sticks in the back yard: Jeff always asks me to do this.  I still haven’t figured out if he wants me to actually pick up sticks or if it’s a euphemism for something else.  Either way, I never do it.
Items noted on the list above have a 10% (or less) chance of being accomplished.  I might clean the toilets since I like a clean bowl.  I’ll probably also do laundry.  The beer fridge is in the laundry room, so I’ll be in there frequently anyway.

Here’s what I’ll actually do this weekend:
  • Download dirty movies on Netflix and let the dogs get on the couch with me to watch
  • Drive the dogs around in my convertible to get BOGO Blizzards at Dairy Queen (one for now…one for later!)
  • Put exorbitant amounts of bird seed in the feeders outside. (Jeff still doesn’t know I spend $60 every month on birdseed.  He thinks birds just really like our yard).
  • Sleep late without feeling bad about it.
  • Put a dent in my backlog of reading.  I have a stack of New Yorker’s mocking me from the table next to my favorite chair, and I just picked up the third Stieg Larsson book.
  • Catch up with my brother and go somewhere to eat (which should be interpreted as hitting a bar for drinks)
  • Front porch / back porch / backyard swing drinking
  • Read blogs / Facebook / news online
You might read that list and think I’m a lazy, drunken slug.  BINGO!  You know me so well!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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