Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Circumspect Seasons

I'd like to apologize to my fellow Atlantans for the disappearance of Spring.  It's all my fault.  We had a long stretch of warm sunny days that sent me straight to the mall for new Spring clothes, which naturally caused an immediate drop in temperature and torrential rains.

In other news, at some point in the last few years I seem to have become an adult.  I didn't actually notice on my own - my best pal Suzy pointed it out to me.  Here's how she knew: After Jeff & I received our bonuses from our respective employers this year, we entered into heated negotiations regarding the amount of money I should spend on new clothes for work (now that I'm out in front of the public more, I really needed to spiff up the wardrobe).

Jeff manages our money because I'm, well, me (AKA the Britney Spears of our family, sans the head shaving).  Trust me on this one, it's better for everyone involved that I don't have carte blanche to spend.  I have an individual bank account for my spending money (I'm not completely crazy), but we discuss  purchases from our joint account before making them.  So I brought my wardrobe-enhancement-plan to the table.  I originally asked for $500, which caused Jeff to choke on his Cheerios.  He countered with $200 and we eventually settled on $300.  And yes, I do know that we're in a recession but I can't pitch custom homes to the public wearing a pair of khakis and a polo with our company logo on it, which is pretty much what I wore to work previously.  I know. Not sexy. 

So I had $300 in hand to spend however I wanted.  In my former life, I would have gone straight to the Coach store and dropped the entire amount on a new purse, wardrobe be damned.  But I didn't.  I actually went shopping for work clothes and that's exactly what I bought.  Check me out peeps - I'm all growns up!  Sort of - every self-respecting woman knows that you can't get a really good Coach bag for $300, anyway, and I'm still kind of pissed about how crappy the new line looks.  

Which brings me right back to the unfortunate departure of Spring.  There's nothing worse than fabulous new clothes mocking me from my closet while I bundle up and go to work day after day.  I had to wear a frigging parka to walk the dogs yesterday morning. WTF?!?!  I'm seriously considering returning all the clothes in an attempt to coax Spring back into action.  That should work, right?


  1. Pishaw...this is not your fault.

    It's not officially spring in the GA until we've had 80 degree days and 40 degree days within a 7 day period.

    Kudos on the wardrobe update.
    I too recently had to purchase some items. Sadly my reasoning was because I had donated all my "woman of size" items when I got lost all that weight. Yeah, it's back so I had to reinvest.

  2. @Annabelle: Never get rid of the "fat clothes" - it guarantees weight gain! Mine are in the attic!

  3. So it was YOU who killed spring! That's a relief because I thought it was me. I got my Jorts out last week when the temps got into the upper 70's. ;-)

  4. @Jay: It was all me...and my stupid desire to look good at work!