Thursday, March 24, 2011

SB 10: My Precious

Update on SB 10 (for those of you too lazy to check online or buy a newspaper): The House Rules Committee didn't consider the bill in their meeting yesterday (slackers!), but the Committee is scheduled to meet again on Monday and is expected to consider the bill then.  The Rules Committee decides which bills are sent to the House floor for a full vote, so until the bill gets through the Committee there won't be any progress.

Full House vote could occur as soon as Tuesday, and if the vote is affirmative the bill goes straight to Gov. Deal (who says he'll sign it if it makes it to his desk).  And then...get to the polls, people!  And frankly, I should get to vote at least twice on this issue based on my efforts to get it passed.  May be even three times.

I have to admit I've kind of been in love with championing Senate Bill 10 (AKA "My precious") and the subtle civics lessons I've received as a result.  I'm tempted to find a new issue to embrace once (if?) SB 10 passes.  After I sober up, of course.

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