Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfection isn't really a reasonable goal, anyway.

Oh dear God, I saw the best sign *ever* on the way to work today.

You know those giant signs in front of gas stations on which they change the price for a gallon of gas as prices fluctuate?  It was one of those signs at a local BP, but it also had room above the prices for them to list items on sale or put a stupid tag line or write whatever they want to in an effort to bring in business.  It usually says something like "gal milk $1.99" or "carton cigs on sale".

Today's tag line?  "Persue Perfection".

No, I did not just make a typo.  They actually spelled a word wrong while advising people driving by to strive to be their best.  For a brief flash I though they were being ironic (which would have been 18 kinds of awesome), but this is a gas station we're talking about.

I've never loved a tag line more in my life.  It's my new mantra.

Persue Perfection, People!  Try to be the best, but don't try so hard that you put in any actual effort.  As I always say at work, some days it's enough just to show up.  And if you're showered and dressed appropriately?  Bonus!


  1. Maybe they were trying to be clever? Nawwww

    Maybe it was a sign for a strip club and they want people to "PERUSE" perfection? ;-)

  2. @Jay: They need to peruse a dictionary!

  3. That comes with a carton if cigs and a case of bud! Then it is spelled right!

  4. @Anon: You're probably right. At least they know the local demographics! And frankly, I may be the only person in Buford, GA who noticed (or cared) that it was misspelled!

  5. That is some funny shit.